Kameryn Rose

Personal Development Coaching
for QTBIPOC and Allies.

Kameryn “Yams” Rose (he/him) is a nonbinary autistic personal development coach, writer, and artist dedicated to uplifting and empowering marginalized individuals fighting against the systems with which we coexist on a daily basis.

He understands the difficulty of finding someone who looks like you or who is willing not only to listen and relate to your experiences, but also to help.

Yams offers individual and group coaching focused on expanding perspectives and regaining control of life’s narratives.

Here, you will also find a number of resources, from reading list suggestions to chronicles of Yams’ personal transition, and links to his other services.

Profit from a wealth of communal knowledge to tap into your own stores of resilience and ability.

Disclaimer: Yams does not provide therapeutic mental health services and will not be able to offer coaching services when an apparent need for such care is present. More information is available in frequently asked questions.

Want to learn how to gain clarity around your challenges and take actionable steps towards your goals?